Brooke Shields Ugg Boots — Trends in Motherhood

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    Despite what Hollywood fashionistas, snobby art students and even our husbands might have to say about Ugg boots…we can’t help but love these soft, fleece boots. Unfortunately, wearing Ugg boots (or a similiar brand) these days can make you feel somewhat like a style pariah: outcast, washed up and overplayed. Yet, even though these soft boots are completely out of fashion, there is something in us mothers that loves them none-the-less. They give us the ability to wear slippers out of the house and chase after our toddlers in a comfortable cloud of bliss (ie. faux-fur insides). We can’t help but breathe a collective sigh of relief when witnessing the eternally designer clad, Lipstick Jungle star, and mother-of-two Brooke Shields sporting a pair during a (comfortable) break on set.
    The trick to getting away with still wearing Ugg boots is to pair them with appropriate clothing. Skip the short dresses, skirts or anything that shows your legs, and slip them on beneath a fresh, matching velour suit or similiarly stylish alternative to sweats. They can even pass as cute underneath a pair of well-fitting jeans, a long, lean sweater and scarf during the holidays…just try and ignore the eye rolls you might get from fashionistas who don’t understand the comfort that momma’s feet need.

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