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Feeling comfortable with your body after baby can be incredibly difficult (especially when things just aren’t where they used to be). Try using these simple products and ideas for slimming your silhouette in the first few months post-partum…

* Free Your Hands – If you are a working or busy mother, pumping can seem impossible when your hands are full. Check out new pumping bustiers, like the Simple Wishes Hands Free, which do the work for you (while still looking chic). This clever bustier is completely adjustable to a woman’s size and needs, and erases any chance of visitors catching you ‘near-naked-pumping’ while in a rush. Bonus: enter the exclusive code “launch” at checkout, and receive 15% off!

* Cinch It In – If you have recently had a baby (or want the lines of your dress to fall smoothly), try a stomach wrap that helps create curves (while erasing bumps). We love “The Cinch” wrap from Anew, because it not only adjusts to a woman’s shrinking shape (and holds in her stomach), but features a measuring system inside that lets new mommas follow their progress after baby.

* Be Smart – Perhaps one of the biggest advocates of post-partum stomach wrapping is celebrity mom Brooke Burke (above), who went so far as to create her own line of tummy tamers called “Tauts.” If you simple can’t afford an expensive brand, try wrapping your stomach in an ace bandage (Brooke’s tip from the past) for a month or more post-partum.

* Do you believe that post-partum undergarments are helpful or harmful for new moms? Let us know!

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