Britney Spears Tight Clothing — Fashion Trends In Motherhood

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It can be hard to figure what the perfect size of clothing is for you, when you’ve spent nine months growing, shrinking and rearranging your body size because of baby. Never-the-less, wearing the wrong size is one of the worst offenses to fashion (and women’s bodies), but even super famous pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are victims (see above). Although both ladies have cute figures and might be making an effort (like Christina), wearing jeans that are too snug or tops that show too much is simply…well, too much.

Perhaps it goes without saying that if your clothing covers little more than your bathing suit (ahem, Britney) or your outfit adds more lumps and bumps than you started with… it’s time to change. Try picking warm-weather shorts that are stylish and appropriate, like Women’s Low Rise Perfect Khaki Shorts (in a variety of colors). If you’re looking for a pair of light, skinny jeans for summer, skip the spandex effect and choose an item that is slim fitting (without being skin tight), like the Zelda Ankle Jean. In the end remember…if it pinches, pokes or pulls, go a size up (no one will know what the tag says, anyways).

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