Britney Spears Fashion Comeback — Figure Flattery Fashion

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    We at Makeover Momma can’t help but admit we’ve secretly been rooting for troubled momma Britney Spears over the past few years (and hoping she could get her life back together again). Luckily, along with her new-found album and promotional comeback tour, Britney has also been debuting a cleaner, more refined fashion sense too. (Goodbye cut off denim shorts and trucker hats!)

Flatter Your Figure: The clean, classic Britney of late has been flattering her figure better than ever (and its about time!) Britney seems to show off her two best areas whenever possible: her legs or super slim torso. Try accessing your best features too (preferably through photos of yourself), and begin building  post-partum outfits around these regions. In Britney’s case, choosing tailored shift dresses to display lean legs, or wearing flattering, dark wash jeans with tight tops to show a small waist.

Accessorize Wisely: Although the Britney of yesteryear was infamous for wild accessories (like Michael Jackson-esque gloves and hats-o-plenty), Britney has been keeping things simple lately. Try choosing one dynamite accessory per outfit (instead of overwhelming your figure and schedule with fashion overkill). Try a dramatic scarf or large tote in a bright color like Britney, or wear one daring piece (like cropped booties) for flare.

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