Bring The Fun Back To Your Skincare Routine

Need some fun in your life? Liven up your skincare…

Are your skincare products as dull as your skin is beginning to get? Rescue the fun with innovative brands like ZGirlz and Beautisol (we have a bit of a crush on them). Let’s face it: pampering your skin doesn’t have to be mundane and bland to be effective. Why not choose packaging and scents that instantly put you in a better mood? Check these out…

* Body Cocktail By ZGirlz ($20): Brand creator Dr. April Ziegele didn’t want to sacrifice sexy and fun when creating her spa products, and her lively packaging and fresh aromas stay true to that goal. It’ll be 5 o’clock anywhere when you indulge your skin in this delicious body lotion (which remind us of the beach or summer vacation with our family). This lotion moisturizes in four tropical flavors (Pomegranate Passion, Coconut Lime, Mango Madness, and even Cotton Candy). Your tween and teen girls will love sharing with you, and it’s 100% organic, hypoallergenic and paraben free (so it’s good for you too!)

* ZGirlz Happy Hour Lip Balm ($22): Treat yourself to soft, silky lips (and a little bit of glamour, since this lip balm is the favorite of many celebrities). These balms are organic, free from parabens and safe for you and your kids to share (plus, it comes in equally vibrant flavors). Check out the set of four in the Luscious Life’s shop by clicking the link above!

* Beautisol 99% Pure Peptide Rescue ($120)

What’s the number one cause of skin aging, discoloration, and wrinkling? Sun damage. This face serum helps to reverse the destructive effects of the sun by using eight revolutionary peptides. These peptides tighten, tone, and brighten your skin to make it look years younger. Yes, it’s super, duper expensive, but for some moms, the price is 100% worth the rewards.

* Sound Off: What is the one product you use that immediately brightens your day? (And hopefully your face too!)

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