Break Out Of Your Style Shell This Spring Season

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Transitioning from a winter to spring wardrobe can be a tricky process (especially when you have very little wardrobe to spread around). I personally am not a big risk taker in the fashion world (unless you count switching from black flip-flops to brown flip-flops), so changing up my look is rather terrifying. It’s taken me years to figure out what sort of styles work with my body type and flatter my figure, but the downside of knowing what “works” is forgetting how boring that can be from season to season.

One of the best ways to jazz up your look is using accessories…the bolder, the better. Since the majority of my clothing is black or neutral colors, I am literally dependent on jewelry, purses and shoes for adding a pop of color (or making me look like I haven’t worn the same shirt for 5 years). Recently I’ve fallen in love with a new bag from Shop Suey Boutique because it holds all of my mommy gear (including tons of diapers and the requisite Tylenol), but it looks more luxe than any bag I’ve ever owned before. Since my other two purses from Shop Suey are brown and black, I chose cream for a breath of fresh spring style. It takes everything I have to not stop perfect strangers on the street and yell, “check out my snazzy purse ladies!” (I may or may not have already done this with most members of my family and the odd person at Target). In person, the Rachel Satchel looks like a pricey designer dud, even though in reality it only costs. Did I mention I’m head over heels in love?

Aside from finding a new purse that warms my heart at night, I’ve also been trying to branch out in the shoe department. Since my current closet involves tried-and-true shearling boots for winter and on-their-last-leg flats for summer, I’ve led a very naive life when it comes to shoes. This is what led me to try on my very first pair of thigh-high boots (please see photos in above slideshow for evidence of this experiment). The Isabelle boots from J Shoes are durable enough to withstand winter weather, but edgy enough to completely transform an outfit. Though it took me awhile to get used to them (and a lot of giggling in the mirror), breaking out of my style shell has proven to be a positive experience. Some looks I’ll keep, some looks I’ll lose… but it never hurts to try something new!

* Speak Up: How do you breakout of your style shell in the spring?

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4 comments on “Break Out Of Your Style Shell This Spring Season
  1. I can’t wait to start dressing for the warmer spring weather! And I’m all about using color to shake things up. I wrote about both of these things recently (here and here

    Those boots are adorb, by the way!

  2. Tammy says:

    Of course I adore the handbag! It’s a fabulous bag! But, OH THOSE BOOTS! L-O-V-E! They are so rock n roll. I’d dye to own a pair!

  3. Tammy says:

    ok, I meant to spell DIE… 😉

  4. J SHOES says:

    I think you rock the boots! Up or down, they are HOT! Thanks for the support, you look FAB!

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