Boost Your Weight Loss — Three Minute Body Tips

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Mix up your workouts, like soon-to-be-momma (and avid walker) Sarah Michelle Gellar…

1. Get Low: Although many mommas fear “bulking up” if they increase their strength training, simply focusing on the lower half of your body with each workout will help you burn more calories overall (per workout or even when sitting still). Since the thighs and legs are the largest muscle group in the body, try making sure they are constantly engaged by using multitasking movements (hold a squat while lifting weights with arms, do step-ups while using a resistance band, or simply add walking lunges and squat thrusts to your walking routine).

2. Work Harder, Faster: Instead of doing long, winding workouts, try cutting your workout time down, while bumping up the intensity. Add intervals during walks with your little ones, or stop seperating strength training and cardio…and create a circuit routine instead. Alternate between 60 seconds of cardio and 60 seconds of body-weight exercises (push-ups, tricep dips, planks or wide-leg squats). Better yet, try using your baby or toddler for the strength training portion (lift them up for overhead presses or bicep curls)…

3. Take a Break- The body sometimes needs a break from a constant, consistent workout routine. Try giving yourself one week per month (or one day per week) to do whatever you want, without worrying about how much weight your lifting or how much you’re sweating. Try new forms of fitness (like a dance class, hiking trail or fun new video), and just enjoy being active. And if you can keep that active attitude every day, all year… more power to ya!

*Do you want to target a certain body part or improve your favorite exercises, in just three simple steps? Send in your comments, questions and suggestions!

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