Bollywood Dance Workout — Bollywood Booty DVD

The Rating: B+ (if you are uncomfortable with dancing) or A (if you love dancing, like us!)

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The Workout: Hemalayaa Bollywood Booty


What It Is: Hemalayaa is the Bollywood and Yoga expert behind this DVD, and we already wished we glowed like she does. This DVD is the follow up to multiple Bollywood exercise programs, in which Hemalayaa teaches relatively simple Indian dance moves to lose weight and firm the body.

What You Do: Although we may be a little biased because of our own dance experience, we were still hesitant to shake our booties Bollywood-style in our living room. Luckily, we didn’t lose cool points with our toddlers or with ourselves, because we truly were having so much fun that it didn’t feel like a workout. This DVD features four seperate workouts that can easily fit into a hectic morning, but best of all… your kids just might want to join in with you!

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How It Feels: The Bollywood Booty workout trully is a great workout for cardio movement and toning (in the same way that Dancing With the Stars celebrities seem to get great bodies from “shaking their groove thang” all day). If you are a die hard exerciser who would rather count reps, pump iron or track your miles, then this DVD is not for you (and you may want to skip it if you simply hate dancing or don’t feel comfortable moving your body to music). Yet, if you want to get out of an exercise rut (or jump back into fitness), we truly recomend trying this workout to mix things up, keep your body moving, and try toning in a different way. Plus, it’s really fun!

Make It Harder: The best way to make this DVD harder is to let go of your inhabitions and let your body move (holding back only holds back your calorie burn), or do multiple workouts in a row (which can be difficult during motherhood). This is also ideal for using as part of a circuit routine (choosing other days of the week to incorporate strength training or intense forms of cardio). However, we at Makeover Momma strongly advise staying laid-back and relaxed with exercise (because every little step counts), so if you enjoy doing this workout and feel like dancing every day… by all means, dance away!

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2 comments on “Bollywood Dance Workout — Bollywood Booty DVD
  1. IE Mommy says:

    hmmmm…..maybe? I definitely need something that will motivate me and keep me motivated.
    Thanks for the info…I’ll have to check it out

  2. Santosh Patil says:

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