Being Skinny Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be


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The Focus: “You look sooo skinny!” No matter how much we embrace our curves and deny this somewhat depressing factoid, for most women, hearing these words is a good thing. Due to our society’s conditioning predilections for the underfed and malnourished collarbone parade that is the uber thin, to look “too” thin is almost a triumph, and to have others point it out is secretly exciting. However, when people tell me that I look skinny (I know about 50% of you are dry heaving and air gagging right now- I promise I’ll sound less obnoxious in about 2.5 seconds), I secretly cringe inside. Actually, I normally want to vehemently say “No, I’m not”, but that’s because I associate physical compliments with healthiness, muscle tone and physical satiation… and of that, I am not.

Ok, let’s be honest… no, I don’t mind getting compliments, and no, I don’t want you to stop giving them if you feel so inclined (I’m a mother who spends 80% of her day feeling like a failure at life…your words are precious). That being said, I would take being healthy and fit over skinny any day of the week. As I lamented in a recent post about health, my loser organs make it hard to workout or even walk up a flight of a stairs more often than not (how soon until I can give them the “final rose”?), and make eating at a healthy rate sometimes impossible.

Instead of moaning and groaning about the need to exercise, I literally drool over Pinterest fitness manifestos and dream of the next time I can trot or frolic or walk without being out of breathe. So what is my point to all of this? The next time you think that someone is too curvy or too thin or too anything for your taste, keep in mind that you never know the whole story. If any of my friends are considered one of the aesthetic extremes but are happy, healthy and full of life? Than hell-to-the-yes, and who cares what anyone else says. I may be the first person to forget it, but life is a marathon not a sprint… we need to focus on feeling good, loving ourselves and kicking curvy arse all day instead of feeling less than because of diets, trends, or mainstream misdirections.

Just remember that the next time you set your sights on being skinny (not assuming we all would)…sometimes it just means that you’re sick, exhausted, and wishing you had a real reason to wear a sports bra. Embrace who you are ladies, because that’s the only thing that’s really beautiful.

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The Challenge: Not in the mood for my pep talk? Here are some simple tricks and new goals of my own, that might help you in your journey to healthy living…

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* Goal #1: Drink super duper tea every morning and night. I hate drinking water because it makes me nauseous easily, but need to stop with the excuses. Before I turn to my best friend coffee (I’d marry her if it weren’t illegal in most states), I brew one cup of a soothing tea of choice, and add the juice of an entire lemon and an aggressive splash of cinnamon. The culmination of these two works like a daily detox for your system, revving your metabolism but also purging your body of toxins. And since I have enough chemicals in me to create nuclear warfare, this is definitely a good thing.

* Goal #2: Use tea to make yourself look tanner. Sounds like I’m joking right? Because skin cancer runs in my family, and my antibiotics make me uncharacteristically sensitive (contrary to genetics), being tan year-round is not an option. Lately I’ve been doing the following crazy routine that totally works- fill a cup with super hot water as you’re running your bath or shower, and let 5 – 12 black tea bags steep while you bathe. I add a little dose of cocoa powder too for extra brown coloring (the Hershey’s kind that tastes terrible unless it’s baked in something). After I’ve shaved, scrubbed, showered and am completely dry, I spray or apply the mixture with my hands or a brush standing in the empty shower. Apply from the top of your body down, so you can smooth out drips and drops later on. You’ll see a subtle difference right away, but a realistic brown color the next. This is a subtle routine, my friends, so don’t expect a super dark appearance that warrants hours of application. It also washes off easily with your next shower, so it can be part of your routine as much or as little as you please. But it’s fast, brainless, natural, smells amazing and doesn’t leave weird streaks behind… I’m in love!

* Goal #3: Workout for at least 12 minutes a day. I have a hard time taking a beloved dance class as of late, let alone actually “exercising”… but I know my lungs need it as much as my soul. Even though I am a certified personal trainer, choreographer and founder of my dance conditioning technique, as a busy, single mom…I just want to get exercise over with so I can move on with my day. Despite my background, I like putting my training in someone else’s hands, and thus have become hooked on BodyRockTV. They post new workouts daily so I can just click a button and not worry about what to do that day. Workouts are in the 12 – 20 minute time frame range, and can be done at home in your pajamas with some basic weights. And it’s a good thing too, because they are so brutal that you’ll be thankful no one is around to hear the weird noises you make or know you have facial contortions like Jagger. The process ‘aint pretty, but this gal is going to try it for a month at least (join me and let’s hold each other accountable!) And who can justify 12 minutes a day? I’m not always healthy enough for it, but I at least want to try… better than nothing, right?

* Goal #4: Less talking, more stretching. I’m a dancer first and foremost, but my muscles are neglected almost more than the dishes in my sink. From here on out, I aim to stretch at least 5 days a week (before bed, while watching TV, whatever). ‘Nike style’ just straight doing it. Done!

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Want to join me with these goals? Share the love on Makeover Momma Pinterest page and comment below.

Let Me Know: Agree or disagree? Will you take on any of these goals as your own?

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One comment on “Being Skinny Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be
  1. I love the idea of switching coffee for tea. It’s a hard one for me to chuck, but I have been trying to give the beans a rest and stick to the tea bags when possible!

    I can relate to you. I too cringe when people say “you’re so skinny” because I know that I am not just ‘skinny’. I am strong. I am muscular. I am fit. And that’s what I need to keep reminding myself as I try to find a compliment in their “skinny”!

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