Become Your Own Makeover Momma: Full Body Beauty, Style & Health Giveaway Experience

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What It IS: I am thankful for every person who reads this website. You make my world go ’round, you float my boat…and any other euphemisms for gratitude and adoration for all of you. So what’s one way to give back to all those mommas out there who are as tired, stressed out and prematurely grey as myself? [See my own embarrassing “Before” and “Afters” with my always gorgeous sis, and try not to chuckle too much]…. The “Become Your Own Makeover Momma” full body giveaway experience!

What You Get: Win a FREE head-to-toe makeover experience with a value of ! One winner will receive ALL of the amazing products and personalized experiences from the amazing brands below. (Stay tuned tomorrow for details of the #BeMakeoverMomma Facebook & Twitter parties, in which many more of you will win assorted products from these generous brands!)

The Goods: The Experts Behind Your Makeover Experience

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* The Healthy Weight Makeover: 4 Weeks of Online Personal Training From Gloria Safer

Author of the acclaimed book “Triathalon For Girls Like Us“, Gloria is launching her new book “Running For Girls Like Us” and celebrating by putting her expertise to work for one of you mommas! Kick off the experience by winning an autographed copy of her new book, and kick off your training session in March with the help of Gloria herself. Whether you are a runner wanting to improve your style or completely new to the pavement, she will coax you to a leaner, more healthy you in 1 month! Perfect for swimsuit season, right?

Follow: Running For Girls Like Us

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* The Lean Muscle Mass Makeover: Acacia Ballet Body Upper, Lower and Core DVD Workouts

This brand new balletic, toning DVD series is available in April… and one lucky winner will be at the head of the pack by winning all 3 of these amazing lengthening, elongating sessions. Designed by conditioning specialist Leah Sarago, it’s the perfect way to balance your new cardio routine [see above] at home. Heck, you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas or put the kids in their cages (just kidding). A fusion of Pilates, barre work and calorie-scorching exercises, you will feel the burn…in a good way.

Follow: @AcaciaFitness

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* The Skincare Makeover: Dr. Denese New York

As a sometimes QVC ambassador, I adore almost all products that QVC endorses, and this brand is one of the best secret finds in a long time. Dr. Denese New York is one of those super powerful, potent brands that have done more research and studies and testing than your kid’s SOLs, and have the results to prove it. One reader will completely change her skin by winning the Six Step Program– Hydrating Cleanser, Advanced Firming Facial Pads, Contouring Serum, HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum, HydroShield Dream Cream, and the SPF 30 Defense Day Cream. Although I’ll be writing a “tell all” on my own experience trying these amazing products soon, I can assure you that sticking with a system that works together like a super-powered team will have you turning back the clock in no time (bad pun completely intended).

Follow: @DrDenese and Dr Denese Skincare

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* The Complexion Makeover: Purely You Minerals

I am obsessed with minerals (I’ll be posting more about it soon, in fact!) Mineral foundation is absolutely perfect for busy women and mothers: complete coverage, easy to apply, and gentle for your skin. Purely You Minerals is extra special because it actually adjusts to the temperature and moisture needs of your skin throughout the day, literally fitting your needs by the second. Have I convinced you yet? Now they are giving three amazing products that will change your coverage conundrum indefinitely: Mineral Foundation, Translucent Light Silk Veil, and an amazing Bronzer. Be jealous, be very jealous.

Follow: @PurelyYouMins and Purely You Minerals

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* The Self-Tan Makeover: Bronze Buffer

Nervous about trying out your favorite faux-tanner because hate the streaks, mishaps and general calamity that might ensue? Bronze Buffer is a completely natural, non-abrasive sponge that (with only a little bit of water) helps to easily buff away any mistakes you make without completely ruining the effect. Use it on trouble areas like elbows, knees or [in The Real Housewive’s case] your entire body. If only all cleaning up could be so easy (I’m looking at you messy 3-year-old). And since you will be using the new powder bronzer (see giveaway above), you’ll have the perfect means to test out this easy way to fix mishaps in any format.

Follow: @BronzeBuffer and Bronze Buffer

The Final Results: What You Do

* Follow or Like all of the brands above (it’s super easy), as well as myself in order to participate: Makeover Momma Facebook and @makeovermomma

* Comment to let us know why you need this full-body makeover! Share some digital love by giving a shout-out too (if you’d be so kind)

* If chosen (winner picked completely at random for fairness sake), you must agree to tweet or post some images of yourself trying out the new products, reporting on your progress or just spreading the virtual love to these generous companies. Plus, we all want to follow your journey! Easy peezy, right?

Stay Tuned Tomorrow For Details On The #BeMakeoverMomma Parties And More Chances To Win!

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25 comments on “Become Your Own Makeover Momma: Full Body Beauty, Style & Health Giveaway Experience
  1. cheryl says:

    I’m there, can’t wait

  2. susan smoaks says:

    i need a full body makeover because i have lost 105 pounds and my look needs to be updated!

  3. Tracey Dragon says:

    I am so ready for a new me! But I need HELP!

  4. Chelsea r says:

    I really need a new me, my medications are making me gain weight!

  5. I need a “mommamakeover” because I have been trying to lose weight for so long but haven’t had the motivation or the skills to do so. This makeover will give the incentive to get my health in check for a healthier, happier me!

  6. I need this makeover because I’m a young mommy & I really want to feel beautiful again 🙂

  7. Carol Yemola says:

    I need a complete makeover because I just turned 56 and when I look in the mirror I see old, used up, and going down the other side. Please help lift my spirits! I’ll be there for the party. Can’t wait. @CarolYemola

  8. Adrien Beatty says:

    I am a single mommy of two. My son just turned a year old and I hardly have time for me. Ive let myself go but I plan on beginning to take care of myself once again. I need this because I believe it will help me look and feel beautiful again. Thank you to all of the sponsors as well as you for this party and opportunity.

  9. vinessa vasquez says:

    I need this full-body makeover because I am 23 years old and have my daughter who will be 5 and a son who just turned 1 and I am stuck in mommy-mode and I would love to get the beauty back for myself. I love my children and I see how hard it is to be a full-time mom and I would just love some time for me! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  10. nicole says:

    i need a “momma-makeover” because I’ve been a mom for 14 years…I think its about time I took did something for myself 🙂 Great contest!

  11. Ina Hendry says:

    Time to shake it up by shaping up. I am good at fifty something but want to be better.

  12. @mummadear says:

    this mumma needs a makeover, after three kids im feeling kind of blah. And need a great motivator

  13. Chelsea r says:

    Love to win! @bmom76

  14. Leah says:

    I focus all my time on the family. I take care of my kids, husband, my mom who isn’t in good healthy. I don’t have time for me. EVER! This is a fluke I get to participate in today’s twitter chat. Mom is napping!!

  15. Jennifer Woosley says:

    I am always looking to be better version of myself! great products!

  16. @melinda74 says:

    I havent had a makeover in years.

  17. I need a full body makeover to feel better about myself! 😀

  18. mindy coffey says:

    Wow! I’m so excited I found this page-blog b/c it has already inspired me, made me laugh & re-think my health, fitness & beauty regimen!This is a super awesome giveaway too! I could use any of the above products so much! Thank u & liked all sponsors pages!

  19. christa dreamer says:

    I would love to have this make over. As you know I have struggled with my weight for years. I finally lost 110 lbs and have kept it off for the. Past 3 years. Then over the summer I ended up in the hospital for a week and had to have 4 surgeries in less then 2 weeks time. Needless to say the gullbladder surgery has left me gaining 10 lbs and all of the anistesia has left my skin all covered in zits still. I am not feeling so beautiful right now. The medical bills that I had piled on me (because I don’t have insurance) have made it impossible to have my hair cut or colored in months and I am feeling beyond Blahhhh. Please help me Bailey

  20. Yadira Juarez says:

    I need this makeover because I’m 32, 5’4, and 188lbs. I feel horrible about myself and I don’t even know how to start working out! I can’t lose my baby weight from a year ago & it’s effected my confidence.

  21. @cammi1972 says:

    I would love to win! A stay at home mom and own our own business.. Not much down time! This would be awesome! Thank u for the chance!

  22. I need a make over because I don’t know how to do anything with my hair and my face needs to be refreshed. I just turned 35 and I feel like it’s starting to show :/

  23. Amanda Winesett says:

    I would like to win because I feel like I’ve really put myself second since having my daughter and I’m tired of it.

  24. I need help! I’ve been stuck in a rut since having my last baby. And she’s not a baby anymore! My dream is to do the princess marathon next February in Disney World. The running program book would be perfect! I have no idea where to start.

  25. Carrie Symes says:

    I am so in need of a total body makeover! After this never ending winter my body needs the love!

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