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            We at Makeover Momma believe in buying affordable beauty products that are easily accessible (Walgreens couture, anyone?), but we also love motherly suggestions from our readers! This month we’re featuring a Beauty Momma Suggestion from Marie*, who’s tastes may be slightly more expensive than our usual aesthetic fare, but her ideas are note worthy!

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Marie Recommends: “I think if your skin looks good, than the rest of you will look good. I wear only two products on my skin: a tinted moisturizer and bronzer from Fresh (I read that Kate Beckinsale uses this) and a cheek stain from Tarte.”

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Why This Works: Marie’s choice of Fresh’s High Noon Freshface Glow is a killer combo of primer (it smooths the skin and fills in imperfections), tinted moisturizer (it evens out skin tone) and bronzer (it gives skin a soft, golden glow). Better yet, it has subtle amounts of self tanner to gradually give your skin a bronze glow (without obvious streaks and painful application)…making this a near perfect multitasking product for busy mothers!

    Although bronze skin (without tanning) looks beautiful and healthy, it can also look matte and bland without a soft blush to the cheeks. Marie’s favorite Tarte Cheek Stain (she prefers “Sunkissed”) gives a natural, long-lasting rosiness to the skin with completely natural and eco-friendly ingredients. It can also double as a lip stain or eyelid color when in a hurry (and after all, what mother isn’t?)

Have a Beauty Momma Suggestion? Products you love or routine that really works for you? Please email your comments or suggestions to Makeover Momma, and we’ll post your ideas!

*Name has been changed

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