Beauty Momma Dilemma

I often think that the baseball hat was invented purely for the busy new mother…and her subsequently funky hair. If it weren’t for my varied collection of adorable baseball hats (ok, I admit that I am partially fooling myself into the “adorable” adjective choice), I would probably never leave the house. Let’s face it: when you’re a time-starved, exhausted mother your previous 3-hour shower record becomes a faint memory and the salon worthy blow-dry sessions a near laughable extravagance of the past.

Never the less, there are ways to feign that “just washed” look…without resorting to your go-to University cap. Read on for ideas:

  • Go With The Powder: I used to think that baby powder was only meant for my baby’s bottom…until I realized it was the best multi-tasking product that I could own. All it takes is a small sprinkle of baby powder into your palm, massaging it evenly throughout your roots in a “shampoo” motion, and letting it absorb the oils in your hair. For added volume, pull your mane up into a high cheerleader-style ponytail, and let the baby powder absorb for a few minutes before shaking down to find new-found volume. Kind of gives a new meaning to that phrase ‘baby powder fresh’, doesn’t it?

    We Recommend: Shower to Shower Absorbent Body Powder: $4.69. Better yet, look for the “Shower to Shower” Shimmer powder, which has a soft shimmer that will add luster to your highlights (especially for blondes or those with light colored locks)

  • Get Sprayed: Many new “spray” shampoos are out on the market, and they are especially good for dark-hair mothers who aren’t keen on the powder. Any woman in a rush can simply aim the bottle at her scalp an arm’s length away, and lightly spritz her roots in a typical “hair spray” fashion. Although lots of high price brands such as Oscar Blandi or Bumble & Bumble offer this product, we at Make Over Mommaâ„¢ prefer products that any momma could afford, so many drugstore varieties can be found with a little bit of searching.

     We Recommend: Psssst Instant Spray Shampoo, Unscented: $5.59 is affordable, clever, and gets the job done when you’re in a rush. Then again, many classic “Desperate Housewife”-esque bottles are popping up, that (although slightly reminiscent of the 50’s and lacking snazzy packaging) are surprisingly effective and cheap. Batiste Dry Shampoo= $5.99 is one of the many basic spray varieties, as well as Klorane Dry Oat Shampoo= $14.95 which brushes impurities out of the hair, leaving it soft and refreshed.

Have a motherly beauty dilemma, post-partum problem, or product that you want solved or addressed? Let us know!

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