Treat Dry, Brittle Hair — Beauty Momma Dilemma

New Momma Mayhem: It is said that pregnancy hormones can make your hair thick, shiny and luxurious…but what happens after the delivery? The majority of us harried ladies may find our hair brittle and dry from the killer combo of decreasing hormones, stress, lack of sleep…lack of nutrition…lack of sanity, and so on. Regardless of the reason, shiny and hydrated hair can be quick and affordable with these simple tips…

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  •  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate- Motherhood naturally decreases the amount of times you wash your hair (which can help it retain natural oils), but make sure to apply a deep conditioner to strands every time your hair gets wet. Once per week, apply the cream to dry strands and leave on over night (or while cleaning the house, changing diapers, etc.)

We Recommend: Samy Beyond Repair Professional Hair Mask is good for daily deep conditioning and longer treatments, but doesn’t weight hair down.Image Hosted by

  • Primp With Product- After vowing to deep condition hair whenever possible, start applying a product post-shower that will make hair soft and silky (from root to tip) on a consistent basis.

We Recommend: Got 2b Stylini Tipsy 24 Hour Root 2 Tip Hair Silkener, which (despite its long name) is a fast and simple way to make hair silky and shiny.

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