Beauty Momma Dilemma

New Momma Mayhem: Whether you are a brand new mother or veteran of delivery, it goes without saying that the majority of us mothers are lacking in sleep. Although the ‘just got out of bed look’ may be “bed-head sexy” in college, it has more than likely lost its appeal in the real (sleepy) world of motherhood. Try combating the raccoon circles and puffy eye syndrome that parental peril may bring with the following products:


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  • Cool As a Cucumber- De-puff your swollen lids in the early morning hours with a cooling cucumber based gel.

We Recommend: St. Ives Cucumber Eye and Face Stress Gel for $3-4.00, which replenishes skin, reduces swelling, and even has the word “stress” in the title.

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  • Perk Up Your Peepers- Now that you have hydrated and calmed your eyelids; you cannot look more awake without opening up those eyes! Try using discreetly colored mascara to widen your eyes, preferably in a shade of navy (which makes the whites of eyes stand out). 

We Recommend: Max Factor Vivid Impact Highlight Mascara for $8-10.00. Try the shade “Blushing Blue” which has a deep-blue base to enhance whiteness of eyes, while the burgundy highlighting shade makes eyes appear extra wide if applied to bottom lashes.



Have a motherly beauty dilemma, post-partum problem, or product that you want solved or addressed? Let us know!

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