Be Healthy At Any Age Like Kate Winslet and Kristin Scott Thomas: Real Momma Nutrition Insider

Moms of every age and size (like Kristin Scott Thomas and Kate Winslet) should strive to be healthy (and healthy doesn’t have a size!)

Wish that you could get inspired to make healthier decisions and reach your nutritional goals? We were thrilled to hear the amazing weight loss story of our Real Momma contributor Julie (a teacher, mother and health advocate), who inspired us with her amazing results. Read Julie’s story and please give her tons of encouragement!

A Makeover Momma Success Story: Julie

“I recently embarked on a weight loss journey, that has been successful thus far (as I am already down 35 pounds)! I am (much like other people) a person who has gone up and down on the scales my entire life. However, I think I have found the right combination of personal motivation and weight loss tools (that work!) to help me maintain a more steady, healthy, weight!

I started by joining Weight Watchers at work. I had heard about this program forever, and it is truly a wonderful teaching tool to help people who have difficulty maintaining a ‘healthy relationship’ with food. This definitely gave me the jump start I needed (because I lost 5 pounds the first week!)

Along with this, I have also really used the Makeover Momma website to gain not only nutritional tips, recipe ideas, links to other helpful blogs, and awesome ideas to work fitness into a busy daily routine, but also to boost my knowledge about fashion and beauty products that have resulted in an increased self-esteem and confidence. Because of Makeover Momma, I have taken the time to take care of myself and as a result have become a better wife and mother! The benefits to my mental and emotional well-being due to following and contributing to MM have been invaluable!”

* What Do You Think: What has helped YOU in the past? Please give Julie tons of encouragement and support!

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5 comments on “Be Healthy At Any Age Like Kate Winslet and Kristin Scott Thomas: Real Momma Nutrition Insider
  1. Ali says:

    What has helped me is MAKING THE COMMITMENT! Until you actually COMMIT to doing something, it’s just a thought. This also means being committed to YOURSELF. Taking the time for YOU. For me, it meant finding friends/family to cover daytime hours for me to be able to join a workout group. I worked out 2x/wk with the group and lost 20 lbs between July & November. Being a part of a group helped hold me accountable, and believe it or not, I did not miss a single session during the course of the program.

    Best of luck as you continue on your journey…you LOOK amazing! Congrats on your success so far!

  2. Tara says:

    Go Julie! You look GREAT! I agree, Weight Watchers is an awesome program that seems to have lasting results for so many people. Way to go!

  3. You’re so right on the commitment aspect, Ali: I always say “patience and consistency” (personally). When we expect immediate results (instead of small, gradual baby steps)- we as women always fall off the wagon (why are we always so impatient? hehe)

  4. Katie says:

    Wow! It has been a while since I’ve seen Julie in person, but from those pictures I can tell she has lost a ton of weight, and though, of course she was beautiful before, she is smokin’ hot now!!

  5. Julie says:

    Thank you to everyone for the encouragement!! Also, I could not agree more with your comment Ali – the VERY first step was making the decision that this was what I was going to do – PERIOD!!
    Thanks again to all and especially to Makeover Momma for helping me get even closer to my goal!

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