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The Move= “Tic-Toc Toddler”

Although our stomachs and sides may have been cute mini Hostess muffins before baby, the majority of us may feel as if we’re sporting triple-chunk-super-sized-road-side-Grande muffins post baby. Try this move to tone both your oblique and abdominal muscles…while having fun with baby!

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  1. Start standing center, feet hip width apart. Engage stomach and straighten your back. Lift your little one to chest level- keeping upper arms and abdominals engaged.

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  1. Keeping stomach tight, lean to the side and tap baby’s toes lightly to the ground beside your right foot. Return to start (center), and repeat to other foot. Continue this pattern for 30 seconds. Break, and repeat again.

Make It Harder: Instead of returning to center with baby at chest height, press your little one up over head (as if they are “flying in the sky”) between each move. This brings arms, back, and chest muscles into the movement.

Make It Easy For Small Babies: Make sure to support your little babies by holding them in a “super man” position. Wrap one hand between their legs (on their belly) and one hand on their chest. Now let them “fly” and enjoy…carefully!
(Do not do this move if your baby does not have sufficient head strength.)

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