Baby-Zone Move — Sweeping Leg Lift

TARGET BABY ZONE= Inner and outer thigh

The Move= “Sweeping Leg Lift”

Perhaps one of the hardest areas to target on the female body is the inner thigh, but this move will firm your jiggle areas, while giving your baby (or toddler or child) a very fun ride.

Starting Stance: Start by sitting upright on the ground, with one leg relaxed, and the other extended straight ahead. Let your little one straddle your leg as a “ride”- creating a challenging resistance from their body weight.

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  1. Swing your leg across your body as far it goes using your inner thigh (as if you are about to cross your legs when sitting down). Keep core engaged…

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  1. Using controlled movement, sweep your leg in the opposite direction until slightly to the side (away from your body).

Continue this careful movement of across and away from your body for 30 counts. You should feel an intense burn in your leg as you go…but this means it working!

Make It Harder: Half way through the set, add an “up” motion with your leg until creating a pattern: sweep across and press up, sweep away and press up. This will bring more muscles into the movement.


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