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   Exercising can feel selfish to many new (or veteran) mothers, because it takes time away from your baby. We at Makeover Momma™ believe firmly in fitting fitness into your lifestyle (which includes baby inclusion all the way). Try teaching little ones valuable skills while getting fit…its like homeschooling and personal training in one!

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Active mother Naomi Watts knows that adding your baby’s weight to your lifestyle can help you lose your own baby weight.

  • Young infant – As soon as that little one has secure neck strength, you can start teaching basic songs and rhythms through singing. Try creating an exercise circuit by picking 2 lullabies: one for cardio and one for strength training. Hold baby securely in your arms and sing one song while doing simple cardio movements (walk rapidly around the house, dance in place or climb stairs) and sing another song while using baby as weight for strength (press overhead, press to each side, press out from your chest or use as weight during squats and lunges.)

BENEFIT: Alternating between lullabies will create and intense and efficient interval circuit, while soothing your baby too!

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Busy mom Bridget Moynahan knows that exercising with baby equals multitasking.

  • Growing Baby – If your baby is still comfortable in your arms (ie. not crawling away constantly), try teaching them how to count by creating a number circuit. Sit down and let them straddle one extended leg (raised at hip level in front of you.) From here, use your leg to “draw” numbers 1-10 in the air while counting out loud (your thighs will be truly burn!) Afterwards, use baby to do 10 swing squats (squat and swing them between your legs,) 10 overhead presses and  10 step-ups. Finally, hold them securely in your arms, and draw numbers 1 through 10 in the air in front of you (this is a killer arm routine and will hit nearly every muscle you have.)

BENEFIT: Your baby will have fun while learning to count (and you will be toning from head to toe.)

*Tune in next month for Toddler and Young Child exercise ideas that both shape (you) and school (them).

Have tips or advice of your own, or want to be a Makeover Momma healthy mother model? Share with us or send in an image!

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