Avon’s New Products Just Might Be Magic: Getting Friendly With Avon Skincare Specialist

Gorgeous skin (like moms Shania Twain and Gisele Bundchen have) takes work…for everyone!

Sometimes we feel like beauty products magically appear on store shelves: with all of the luster and promise (and hopefully affordable price tags) that we dream about at night. But we often don’t realize how much science, study and stress goes into the making of a product line…something that Avon knows first hand.

We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with their skincare specialist and product development expert, Anthony, and hear all of the “magic” that went into their latest products: Avon ANEW Reversalist Illuminating Eye System and Renewal Day Cream SPF 25 (for more on these products, please see “Heal Stretchmarks, Erase Wrinkles and Avoid Sun Spots“).

1. Avon is such a women friendly (and often budget friendly) line of products. What is something that you think most women don’t know about Avon and their products?

“I talk to women around the world about Avon, and travel the world for my job, and the one thing that I’ve found globally is that (although everyone recognizes Avon as company that benefits women), most don’t realize the cutting edge scientisits we have developing products. We have world class scientisits creating brand new ingredients and formulas (especially in the anti-aging field).”

2. We love the Avon ANEW Ultimate Age Repair Day Cream (especially because it has SPF 25). How can a product have such a high level of SPF, without feeling greasy and sticky?

“We have a group of formulation chemists who are sort of the artisitc force behind a product. They work to develop formulas that optimize sunscreen loads so it won’t have that oily, heavy effect.”

3. If you could choose the number one benefit from the Avon ANEW Repair Day Cream (other then the fabulous sun protection), what is it?

“The day protection cream (stands out me) because of it’s intense power in the reduction of deep wrinkling. We had dermatologists access this creams effect, and they saw that it started reducing deep wrinkles as early as 2 weeks, and when combined with hig SPF and sun protection, it will really help reduce the signs of aging.”

4. So many moms and women skip eye creams, but the Avon ANEW Ultimate Contouring Eye System really does more for their money. Can you explain how it multitasks for moms (by doing 2 different things)?

“Well, we all know that they eye area shows age first. One of the key things we do with new anti-aging skincare and research, is that we view the eye area as a completely different entity from the face. We found that women complained the most about puffing and under eye bags on one hand, but also hated the wrinkles and loss of firmness they saw in their eye area. Since it’s difficult to treat all of those problems effectively in just one product, we designed a unique product to do everything. The cream will reduce wrinkles and created firmer skin, while the elixer eliminates puffiness and under eye bagging. If you combine the two, it gives moms convenience with the packaging, on the go treatment options (since it’s easy to use) and it’s effective.”

* Sound Off: If you could create a new skincare product, what would the concept be?

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