Avoid Wearing The Same Outfit As Someone Else: Fashion Trend Focus

The Trend: Being so on trend that you nearly wear the same outfit as someone else…

We are all for moms trying out new trends, playing around with fashion and not getting “stuck in a rut”, but when beautiful, fashionable moms start to wear the same beautiful, fashionable outfits…it’s questionable. How can you make sure that you stay away from a new version of the clone wars? (Yes, that was a Star Wars reference). Just make sure that no matter how much you love a look or trend, try to not wear it from head to toe. Focus on one fashionable piece that you love at a time (like daring heels or a shiny coat, in this case), but pair it with something that comes more naturally to you (perfect fitting jeans, a classic dress or a simple T-shirt). Sometimes, simpler really is better.

* Trend Sound Off: Would you ever wear this outfit?

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2 comments on “Avoid Wearing The Same Outfit As Someone Else: Fashion Trend Focus
  1. jacy says:

    not exactly the same, the coats are different…but you can react how you want, be totally embarressed or you can laugh it off.

  2. Ladle says:

    I wouldn’t care. The other person should be glad I don’t show up naked and be done with the subject entirely. That goes for onlookers too.

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