Ashlee Simpson Post-Partum Style — Figure Flattery Fashion

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   We can’t help but hate the idea of new-found celebrity mothers hiding away in their homes for weeks after giving birth, until they’ve lost their baby weight. We not only salute young momma Ashlee Simpson (shown above) for stepping out (delightfully curvy and beautiful) three weeks post-partum, but wish other celebrities would follow suit. Learn how to flatter your new body too, with these simple winter-ready tips…

1. Enjoy layers: Perhaps one of the best things about winter is the ability to layer, which (if done properly) can create a leaner, longer look. Try adding long layers (hip-length sweaters to elongate your torso, or flowing winter dresses to conceal a shrinking stomach) to any areas you aren’t ready to showcase just yet.

2. Be Proud: Start by accessing the body part you are most proud of right after baby (in Ashlee’s case, we assume its her bust line) and building a tasteful outfit around that region. If your legs are looking good, try wearing dark tights to show them off, and keeping everything else simple.

3. Nip It In: If you don’t want to add bulk by piling on winter clothing, try finding ways to accentuate your smaller regions (adding a supportive belt to the smallest part of your waist or wearing sleek jeans to showcase slim legs). Make sure that your frame is never hidden by extreme width or size, but is not skin tight either (you want to hint at your post-partum figure, not spell it out).

4. Keep It Simple: When in doubt, the best jeans for a body after baby is a dark wash bootcut (with a slight flare for balance), with a waist hitting directly between the belly button and hip bones. If your clothing is still too small (or creating bulges where there shouldn’t be any), skip it for something fits instead.

* What do you love to wear right after having a baby? Please share your tips, advice or opinions!

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