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   It is very common for new mothers to change the color or cut of their hair after (or before) giving birth (and personally, we blame it on the hormones). Even new mother Ashlee Simpson (above) went from her red hair while expecting… to blond a few weeks after delivery… and then back to red days later. If you feel like changing your hair shade but don’t want to make a vast, depression-inducing mistake, try making your post-partum decisions slowly…

1. Start Off Slowly — Before making a wild choice, try researching your aesthetic actions at a website like Daily allows you to change your hair color or cut (using a photo of yourself), without having to play model in real life. It’s also a fun way to spend baby’s nap-time!

2. Get Glazed — Although we have recommended at home glazes before, Makeover Momma still advocates using a gentle hair glaze to give color a pop, without the damaging effects of long-term dye. Glaze is a quick and easy process that can be done at home in mere minutes (while baby sleeps right by the shower in their vibrating chair). Use a brand like John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze to get a pop of red like Ashlee, or any other shade you prefer.

3. Make It Easy –Although the price is slightly steep for penny-pinching mommas (we prefer to spend no more than $5 on our shampoo), choosing a color depositing shampoo and conditioner can be a simple way to subtly shift your hair shade. The slightly expensive Artec L’oreal Professional Color Shampoos comes in a huge range of shades and was created to enhance and maintain the natural tone of strands (while being well worth the expense!)

* Did you ever make a wild hair change as a new mother, that you regret?

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