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Want to feel gorgeous at the beach (even if you’re covered up, like Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez?) Listen up…

The Trend: Bathing suits!

Looking for the perfect bathing suit is possibly the most painful experience of your shopping life. First, there’s the sales person who, while she’s trying to help, is also quietly judging you in whatever bathing suit you do dare to try. Second, there are the other shoppers in the store with you who are also looking at what suit you come out with. Third, bathing suits are really darn expensive sometimes (and as fate has it, the ones that fit the best are also the most expensive).

Nonetheless, it’s practically summertime and the need for bathing suits is high! Every woman should feel confident in her bathing suit choice because the summer is time for fun and relaxation. Lounging on the beach in a itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini is not for everyone, but lounging on a beach is for everyone. You just need the perfect suit!

Here are a few of my picks!

* H&M Swim 2010

There is a reason I always choose H&M as examples of great clothing for great prices. These bathing suits featured here are only $4.95 per piece. That means you can have a stylish and adorable bathing suit for $10. Just $10 as opposed to the hundreds of dollars you can spend on a single bathing suit! And less money spent on the actual bathing suit means more money spent on that vacation all you mommas clearly need!

* DKNY Ruched One-Piece

This glamorous bathing suit is amazing. It comes in four different colors ranging from a slimming black to a bright summer white to a relaxing blue to a vixen-like red. Also, it’s made so the fabric cleverly hides any insecurities about your tummy with a light ruching. Yes, it is a little more expensive than the H&M one, but it’s well worth it. This bathing suit is $78 at Victoria’s Secret.

* Victoria’s Secret Firm Control Convertible One-Piece

The greatest part about this bathing suit is that you can form it into several different looks. So even though it’s $158, for that price you’re getting not one bathing suit, but three! This piece comes in a wonderful black color that not only attributes sophistication to its wearer, but a sense of confidence about your silhouette as your running around that beach. It’s also super comfortable! (I myself tried it on and it fits like a dream!) Definitely check this one out!

* Trend Sound Off: What are some of your horrifying stories about bathing suit shopping?

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