Announcing Our Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week Awards

Envious of Julie Bowen and Sophia Vergara’s beauty looks? Try these tricks…

It’s almost time for our bi-annual New York Fashion Week on Makeover Momma! If you remember from previous seasons, I spend the entire week covering the shows, events and product launches that make NYFW go round (of course making sure you can apply the tips and trends to your crazy life as a mom at home). In preparation for the occasion (coverage lasting on Makeover Momma from September 13’th – 19’th), I am kicking off a newfound award on Makeover Momma. Since we’re too early for our 2011 Best In Beauty & Lifestyle (which rolls around at the New Year), let me introduce the Essential Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week Awards! (Yes, that means there will be another one of these next fashion season)…

What’s the inspiration? Any of the beauty and fashion products and brands that I simply cannot travel without (and can’t wait to spread the word to friends and family). Read on to see why…

Spring 2011 Beauty Must Haves

* Orglamix Mineral Foundation: I’m picky about foundation because my face has the tendency to blush blood red out of nowhere (leaving me constantly insecure about when I’m going to flush). The only foundation I’ve found that keeps me covered, concealed (and not breaking out) is mineral makeup, and Orglamix Mineral Foundation is my newfound favorite. Instead of spending $25 or more on makeup like I used to, it’s only $14.99 online, and comes in the exact same shade as my previous choice (in this case, “Balsa” as opposed to “Fairly Light”).

* Talika Eyelash Extender: It’s not secret that I’m obsessed with long eyelashes. Before my very first fashion week, I even tried on a few pairs of falsies, to see if I could pull them off (I couldn’t). It seems like 80% of the beauty bloggers I hang with, actually have eyelash extensions (which seem to laugh in the face of mascara), but eyelash extensions in my small town would likely be engineered by John Deer (i.e. they’re a “no go”). This is where Talika Eyelash Extender comes in to play. I’ve talked about it before, I’ve shown the amazing “before” and “after” images, but it continues to take the cake as my number one most life altering beauty discovery. Yes, it’s a little pricy for budgeted moms (although I am still on my very first bottle and it’s been six months), but if you don’t snatch it up by clicking the button below… you’re seriously missing out!

* Sweet P Everything Balm: Perfect for chapped lips, dry elbows, rough pimples, split ends… anything!

* My Mama’s Love Acne Soothing Spritz: Perfect to prevent breakouts on the plain, on the subway…wherever!

* Lierac Comfort Peel: I recently ran out of my dermatologist-given Retin-A (which I love for prevent breakouts, redness, wrinkles and more). Instead, I’m going to be using this gentle peel alternative to keep my skin clear and smooth…

* L’oreal EverStrong Overnight Repair Serum: I put this in my ends every night, gently comb out and leave it be. It helps my blow dry last longer or my waves stay in tact (and really helps the health of hair).

* Macadamia Nut Oil Heating Treatment: This hair oil comes in a simple pump jar, and all it takes is one squeeze to keep my ends healthy and shiny. I use it on damp hair, before using a flat iron, on my daughter’s crazy curls… it seriously is our miracle hair product.

* New Smile Sparkle 365 Whitening Pen: I don’t have the time, money or energy to care about whitening my teeth. This pen works on the go (it works in general) and it doesn’t cost a ton… it’s as simple as that!

Spring 2011 Fashion Must Haves

* Miracle Body Jeggings: Don’t be afraid of the jegging my friends… if you have Miracle Body Jeggings anyways. I previously thought jeggings were much like the gaucho or bedazzled Croc (cute, but I’m never going there)… until I tried on the fancy pants pair from Miracle Body (which is very aptly name, I might add). It uses a series of panels and stretchy fabric to suck in your post-partum residual pooch as if I just did 100 crunches, and as my husband told me: “it does good things.”

* SmartSoles: It’s already plenty of a workout running around from runway show to runway show like a crazy woman, but just in case the wafer thin models are starting to mess with my psyche, I am kind of in love with this next product. These SmartSole exercise insoles can fit into any pair of shoes that you own (so for example, the sneakers or flats I might wear in between events) to turn virtually any shoe in to your own exercise shoe. Think about how much those exercise sneakers and boots cost, and then cross compare to the value of being able to improve all your shoes. Now you do the math (cool, huh?)

* Kindgom Ventures Pilar Tote: What’s more fashionable than accessories with a story? These totes are made from 100% recycled materials and provide work for women and children rescued from sex trafficking. Plus, if makeup spills inside, you can just hose them down later.

* Delicate Soles Rollable Ballet Flats: They’re soft, they’re comfortable and they’re easy to throw in my bag in between events. It’s the perfect way to go from heels to flats (plus, they’re cheaper than most other brands!)

* Peek-A-Boob Tin: If I actually had boobs, I’d definitely use these to keep my blouse from gaping and drooping (and consequently, flashing most of New York). Instead, I’m going to suction my flat chest down with these bad boys from Bring It Up (which I use all the time since bras cause me a lot of back pain).

* Let Us Know: Which of these products would you want to try the most?

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