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Want to glow like mother of twins Angelina Jolie, but don’t have the cash? Keep reading…

In a time when the economy is failing, the country is in recession and everyone is pinching pennies… Makeover Momma’s have to work even harder to feel gorgeous (without going broke). Try these quick steps and tricks for upping your beauty anti, without upping the bills…

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* Perhaps it’s no secret that most celebrity mothers attribute beautiful skin to “plenty of water”. Unfortunately, as a harried mother with no time on your hands, special aqua elixirs are obsolete (and a cup of coffee feels like a splurge). Try hydrating your face a different way with Evian Skin Moisturizer (only $9 to $10, shown above), and spritzing whenever your face feels tight (or your makeup needs refreshing). Read more at “20 Makeover Must Haves Under $20.00

* Although we rarely recommend products for kids (like the Tots n’ Style online boutique review), we recently came across the Jump Start website (featuring tons of educational, 3-D games for kids online), and are excited to offer an exclusive contest for Makeover Momma readers in a future video post (your children can win a three month subscription!) In the meantime, try creating a fast makeover with the Eye Widener pencil from E.L.F cosmetics (look more awake for only $1? Sounds good to us!)

* Try winning a weekend of pampering by sending a quick 2 minute video to explaining why you need a decadent vacation (we can think of a million reasons!) The Spa Week YouTube competition will pick the most deserving winner, and treat her to wonderful amounts of pampering. Want to pamper yourself at home for cheap? Try using your own stash of olive oil to soak the ends of hair (tie up in a bun for a deeply moisturizing mask), use as cuticle oil on fingers, and cover feet (along with socks) for an overnight on-the-fly pedi.

* Do you have advice for feeling pampered with no money? Please share!

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One comment on “Angelina Jolie Pampered Beauty — No Brainer Beauty Steals
  1. Carla says:

    I love that Evian spray, I always a bunch at a time. I love spraying this on especially after waxing, it’s soothing.

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