Angelina Jolie Glowing Skin — Beauty Momma Dilemma

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 Busy mother Angelina Jolie looks fresh and softly glowing (not darkly streaked).

New Momma Mayhem: Even though it’s easy to feel pasty and pail as a new mother (and the idea of looking bronzed and golden is certainly appealing), we at Makeover Momma strongly believe in avoiding all tanning and sunbathing (no matter what). Yes, we may say that tanning makes us “feel” thinner, younger and prettier, but it will only leave us wrinkly, damaged and possibly dealing with skin cancer in the long run. Instead, consider some of the many sunless tanning brands around, which are easier for mothers to use than ever…

The Fix:

    * Keep It Gradual – Since it’s likely you won’t have hours to perfectly apply self tanning product each night (especially when we barely have time to wash our hair), try finding a formula that builds gradually over time (and can be applied without worrying of streaks, orange color or a funky smell). When in doubt, mix your favorite self tanner with equal amounts of nighttime body lotion, to help “water down” the intensity and create an easier application.

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We Recommend: If you want to try a product that is more like a lotion than a complicated tanning product, check out Jergen’s new Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer(which claims to help firm and tone your body, while subtly enhancing your glow). If you are really short on time, try a spray-on formula for quick, easy application, like L’oreal Sublime Glow Moisturizing MicroFine Mist (shown above) which is said to “naturally enhance the tone of your own skin”). Sounds good to us!

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