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The Products: Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

The Need: Eyelashes are my addiction (in addition to lattes, chocolate and any derivative of cheese). I can’t walk through a store without stopping to stare at the latest mascara releases, and attempting to convince myself that 10+ wands at home is more than enough. Personally, I’ve tried fibrous eyelash treatments before, and expressed my undying love immediately thereafter. So when I started chatting with the lovely Lynne from Younique, I knew the 3d Fiber Lash had to be tried… and tried… and tried again.

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The Pros: Now it’s time to be Glam Geeks together, friends. The first thing you need to know about this product is…. (wait for it, wait for it)…it proved to be 100% worth it. I didn’t need to doctor any photos or add additional mascara to create these results [not that I would]… it literally made that much of a noticeable difference. I applied a starter coat of my favorite mascara primer from L’oreal (but any primer or normal mascara will do), and then added the Transplanting Gel. It goes on like a regular black mascara, but it’s extra sticky to help the fibers take hold. I swiped the Natural Fibers along my lashes before the Gel had dried, and then added another coat of the Transplanting Gel. Basically, you’re just adding a few layers of what feels like differing mascaras- but one wand is slightly thick and goopy, and one wand has tons of tiny fuzzy hairs to literally double your lash length. In the photo above, you can see what happened with one eye using 3D Lash, and one eye just liquid liner… see the difference?

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The Cons: As with any fibrous lash material, you run the risk of getting “fuzz” all over your cheeks and lids when applying the product. However, I can honestly say that this had the least amount of “fuzz” residue of any product I’ve tried to date, and required literally zero cleanup after. In fact, after testing it for the first time, I was able to switch back to putting my mineral powder foundation on first, and eyelashes second (yes, it made that little of a mess). Since the Transplant Gel is super thick to make the fibers stick, it also can rub off on your lids or make them feel sticky… but in a way, wouldn’t you rather have eyelashes long enough to actually create that problem? In my opinion, a totally worthwhile issue in balance to the reward. All in all? The “cons” were marginal to say the least, and gravely outweighed with the “pros”.

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The End Result I cannot emphasize enough how cool this product really is, from start to finish. It feels like I’m playing Bill Nye in my bathroom with the wonkiest science kit ever, but ending up with thicker, longer eyelashes. Essentially, it looks as if I put on really classy, lean set of fake eyelashes… except they’re not fake and I don’t have to worry about it looking that way. If I could recommend any product to makeup mommas out there, it would be to try your hand at natural fiber lash products too… you won’t regret it!

Be sure to check out other goodies from Lynne’s Younique page, and stay tuned for a possible online makeup party we’re hoping to throw together soon (doesn’t that just sound fabulous?)

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