An Inside Look At The Nurisystem Diet: Nutrition Momma Nutrisytem Diary

Moms like Jillian Barberie and Tori Spelling loved Nutrisystem…what do YOU think?.

You’ve probably already heard about Nutrisystem before. It’s a famous diet delivery system that helps you eat small, low calorie portions throughout the day, without having to cook (or clean dishes, for that matter). You can eat pasta, pizza and chocolate during the day, without ever feeling guilty or stressed. But why are we talking about a diet, if Makeover Momma doesn’t advocate diet programs?

Don’t worry: we still fiercly believe that a balanced, knowledgeable approach to nutrition is the only long lasting way to maintain a healthy weight and be a balanced role model for your kids. Never the less, there is something to learn from every diet program out there, and Nutrisystem is no different. For the next 6 months, my husband Adam will be trying to the Nutrisystem diet in an attempt to lose some of his “I’m not longer a teenager and have become a Dad” weight, while I strive to learn as much from this portion controlled way of eating as possible.

Since I can’t eat the Nutrisystem foods myself (I have celiac disease and must eat gluten-free foods only), I am going to try and derive as many healthy tips as possible, and find ways to apply aspects of this diet to my own lifestyle (so you can too!) Even if you’re a momma at home who wants to score some healthy tips, or you’ve always been curious about this diet but didn’t want to make the leap: now you can see if it really suits your lifestyle. So stay tuned for progress reports, at home recipes and meal plan ideas throughout this Nutrisystem journey!

Want to know some of the Pro’s and Cons about Nutrisystem so far? Check out this quick video talking about our intro to the diet (and my thoughts on how you can follow it in a balanced way)…

* Speak Up: Would you ever want to try this diet? Do you agree with my pros and cons?

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