American Sign Language: An ASL A Day

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There is something about being an openly deaf writer that leads to frequent requests for ASL videos (fancy that?) Fortunately, there is always room in the world for a little more American Sign Language, which is why I’m so proud to launch quirky, free lessons for future signers. If I can encourage anyone to learn a sign a day, I’ll consider the day a success!

My Promise: Originally, I promises to upload new ASL videos everyday of the work week (Monday through Friday) for An ASL A Day… but let’s face it: that is super hard as a busy, full time momma. Instead, we will keep the catchy name (#ASLaday just works), but upload a video weekly (like a normal person with mild amounts of sanity). Cool?

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I will try to offer vocabulary, but (more importantly) “slangs” or “idioms” too, since expression is the cornerstone of signing. Let’s raise a vigorous set of “jazz hands” in enthusiasm, shall we?

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