All Your Skin Needs Is Love & Kindness

Get smooth skin (like Heidi Klum and Jennifer Hudson) without using chemicals…

* Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight: Love & Kindness

Do you love products that are natural, gentle and can be used by your entire family? Ok, so do we…so that’s exactly why we’re excited to introduce you to Love & Kindness (a brand ready to spoil you during Makeover Madness parties this month).

The product we want you to try the most is this Hard Working Skin Therapy Lotion stick ($11), because it works as hard as it’s name implies. It can be used almost anywhere on your body (your face, hair, hands, elbows, heels) and you can easily use it on your children too. This is especially handy if you hate chasing them around the house to moisturize their irritated skin or soothe their rashes… now you can just swipe them down and you’re good to go! If only everything in parenting could be that easy….

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* Answer This: Do you prefer using lotion, sticks or sprays on your kids?

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