Makeover Momma has been going strong since 2008 and has seen almost as many transformations as me! It has been featured on Good Morning America, Redbook magazine, and New York Times as a top blog. Its writer (yup, using the third person) has been an official QVC and Avon correspondent, Walmart “new mom voice”, and Open Sky expert. Former host of Makeover Momma TV [later Mingle Media Momma TV], this newly refurbished website is the place for quirky, opinionated, healthy, holistic, beauty-centric, savvy moms and readers.


* LARGE Banner Placement: A banner of your choosing (or one designed specifically for you) to be placed front and center for 1 month- $35

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If your brand, company, website or vision is not in keeping with the real lifestyle of Makeover Momma, I politely reserve the right not to work with you (but don’t worry, I don’t bite). Makeover Momma is about the readers- the everyday mom who is stressed, busy and occasionally broke- a vision that will not be compromised just for revenue. Who wants to “sell out to the man”, after all? But more often than not, if you are looking at this page… you are probably already compelled as a good fit for the MM audience.


Want your text links displayed neatly in the lovely side bar area of our lifestyle driven pages? Email the Editor directly at for more information.

Want a text link placed within the content of a post and/or a Sponsored Post? Makeover Momma is an authentic, unique website with a singular voice (so all apologies, but no guest submissions or pre-created content accepted). I take pride in every sentence being written by myself, so readers know exactly what they’re getting [my hard work and semi-sane subconscious ramblings]. Does this mean I don’t love collaborating? Of course not! Love it. Am I am willing to work with brands to incorporate links in content, with a few stipulations to keep protect authenticity of the writing and message? Extra of course! So contact away please.


Special brands get:

* Monthly “Sponsor Shout-Out Love” via personalized posts focused souly on you, your company, and how everyday moms like myself can incorporate you into their daily life. If you fit into one of our categories, you will probably fit with Makeover Momma

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* Focused Advertising Placement

Interested? Email Editor directly at with subject “Special Brand Sponsorship”


Want Me To Wear Your Clothes?

Fashionable mommas love seeing unique posts, Pins and social media promotion of new items to wear. I will personally style and display your look (as long as it works for real Makeover Momma of course!) You will receive a personal post, Pinterest photo, and Twitter image. Cost: $40


Want Me To Review Your Product?

There is nothing this momma loves more than trying out a new product- beauty, health, tech or otherwise. If you want me to personally review your brand (and thus promote to my expanded social network as well), just say the word. Cost: $20

Makeover Momma™ only promotes products, brands and websites that are in line with readers. Henceforth, I have no obligation to positively promote or cover said brand (aside from wanting an excuse to say henceforth). Receiving products has absolutely no influence over my recommendation of any particular company.

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