Add Grayce To Your Wardrobe With New Accessories: Getting Friendly With Molly Sims

Molly Sims may not be a mom, but she’s talented, creative and breath takingly gorgeous (just like all of us, right?) Since we mommas can totally relate to her on the inhumanly beautiful level, I was thrilled to get to interview her about her new jewelery collection, Grayce By Molly Sims. Not only are the pieces stunning, but so is her beautiful outlook on “grace”…

1) The Grayce By Molly Sims Collection is absolutely stunning! The colors are so vibrant and bold: what inspired this collection?

“I find inspiration everywhere around me! Friends, family, art, architecture, flowers, fashion, iconic women. The list could go on forever.”

2) My daughter’s middle name is Grace, because I love what the word means. Since the collection was inspired by playing in your mothers jewelry, what is something that she taught you about grace?

“She taught me to always be ‘graceful and grateful’.”

3) Not all of us mommas have big budgets when it comes to jewelry. If you could recommend one of your favorite items (that can be worn every day), which would it be?

“I love the Colored Cushion Rings and all of the colors we chose. They are the perfect amount of punch of color and can be worn day or night.”

Personally, I love the idea of being ornately draped in gorgeous jewels, whether I’m working from home or changing diapers. So many of us look at accessories as an after thought (I know I do), and not the basis of your outfit. So….riddle me this:

* What Do You Think: Do you create an outfit around your accessories, or forget to wear jewelery all the time?

© Credit: Yu Tsai for Getty Images and Grayce By Molly Sims

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