A Spa Break Might Be All You Need To Achieve Sanity

Even Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock need a break now and then…

* Beauty Breakdown of the Week:

Spas and mothers are two things that rarely mix. The last time I got a massage was when I was six months pregnant with my first daughter (the one who’s about to turn five), and the closest I get to pedicures is playing around with the nearest bottle of White Out. Never the less, this is not to say that mothers shouldn’t be able to experience a moment of relaxing once and awhile. Even though for me it typically involves a classy bottle of Arbor Mist and an episode of House, parenting shouldn’t be completely without zen.

Now if you simply can’t afford to splurge on a spa day any time soon, try checking out the latest spa savings in your area. And even if you don’t have a special occasion coming up, celebrating the latest trend of “spa breaks” is definitely worth considering. If you’re like me and were never quite cool enough to take a “babymoon” or even a “honeymoon”, a “spa break” is the perfect excuse to give yourself a day to unwind. Some websites even offer cheap spa breaks locally (which with the proper amount of mommy guilt, you just might convince your family to give you). Now all you have to do is leave the kid-related worries, babysitter fears and cash conundrums behind (again, a glass of wine might help) and remind yourself how much you deserve this!

* Speak Up: When was the last time you took a spa day or pampering moment for yourself?

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