5 Second Face

It can often feel like a marathon to get ready in the morning as mom (and actually make it out of your pajamas). On any given morning, you can find me simultaneously filling bottles, cleaning walls from said spilled bottles, brushing my teeth, brushing my hair (ok, maybe not), packing diaper bags, changing diapers (twice), and getting dress (ok, not that either). Since the majority of us do not live in Seattle (where flannel and fashion go hand in hand), its time to skip the pajama wear, and streamline your routine.

The following *5 Minute Face will help you get all of the simple sex appeal that two-time momma Brooke Shields (seen here with Lipstick Jungle co-stars) has perfected to a fine art.
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  1. 1-2 Seconds – Brows are the shining star of this look, so brush them into shape with a small brush, and add color and definition with an eyebrow pencil that matches your hair color. Use feather-light, mini strokes to get a softly defined look that will help widen your eyes.

TRY: Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil

  1. 3 Seconds – Define and open eyes in a millisecond by swiping on clear, natural mascara. Enter your day without worry of smears or tears.

TRY: Max Factor No Color Mascara

3. 4-5 Seconds — A creamy, soft complexion is the key to pulling off a strong brow, simple face, and muted eye. Make sure to smooth foundation on forehead, cheeks, and nose to pull this look together. The Maybelline Mineral foundation below features SPF 18, comes in a variety of shades, and is easy to apply.

TRY: Mineral Powder Natural Perfecting Foundation

* All product suggestions at Makeover Mommaâ„¢ can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart, Target, drugstore, or online at www.drugstore.com.

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