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If My Life Were Eat, Pray, Love... I'd Be Stuck in the Pasta Montage

The Idea: Lately, I want to give up. I want to throw in the towel. I want to wave the white flag. After a lifetime of working as a health writer, a dance teacher and a former Certified


The Need: Am I the only person on earth who has a “no makeup” makeup face? Yes, this means a face that contains makeup, but is your “no makeup makeup fakeout” for the rest of your unsuspecting subjects.


The Rant: Boredom is becoming extinct. The older I get, and the longer I exist as a parent, the more I call for a movement towards boredom. I don’t know about you, but I personally credit boredom with


A Totally Unwarranted and Overly Analytical Movie Review (You’re Welcome): I saw Inside Llewyn Davis the other night and it was about as uncomfortable an experience as… well, likely what the Cohen’s intended it to be. Firstly, I

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